why play...

In a world governed by the email inbox, office calendars, conference calls, texts, the school run, traffic jams and supermarket queues, the harlequin offers escape. The harlequin offers adventure.

Before you hear about our actors and our cameras here, though, you have to understand that any experience worth having requires you to give something of yourself too.

In the harlequin's world that something, for once, isn't just about handing over your money.

So, what is the harlequin game?

It is undiluted fun. It is linked to something old, something half forgotten within us from childhood.

It has something of England and its mighty past too.

to escape, of course

It is mischief.

It is sometimes deceiving and occasionally alarming. It is most certainly... a game!

For a while - perhaps a single day, perhaps a weekend, perhaps an entire month - players enter into a contract with the harlequin.

A contract with the unknown. Find out who plays...

the red and the black will play.mp3

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