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the harlequin game is limited only by your imagination and by ours. And be assured, imagination is our business.

In the single player, month-long harlequin diamond game and in all of our team games, this is all about the player or players. Our bespoke experiences are about the thrill of the unknown. They are about tailored surprises.

A stranger stops you in the street. Your mission to make a rendezvous point across town in 30 minutes. There a hot dog seller passes you an envelope. Inside, keys and directions. They take you to your teenage dream car - and a note explaining it's yours for the afternoon.

Clues over several days that lead to an unexpected reunion with a long lost childhood friend. Saturday off? No. New clothes in the post - paparazzi outside - a limousine to a recording studio where your microphone awaits.


Adrenaline experiences. Meetings with people you never thought you'd meet. A look at another side of life.

Our team games introduce an element of quirky competition to the element of surprise. A race against the clock with extra challenge. All captured on camera.

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