'The Harlequin Game was fantastic. It's fresh and it's

different. We were a very large group and the mystery and 

anticipation have been a big part of it. It set a real buzz 

going around our organisation and they delivered. 

"The actors, the journey, the element of competition and of 

not knowing what's going to happen next. Terrific fun and a 

lot of smiling faces. We've been delighted.'

James Moir, CEO of Sainsbury's marketing company i2C. 

He sent 80 of his staff into the harlequin game...


'I was curious, but I couldn't have guessed how much fun we'd have. It's thrilling not knowing what's coming next. The variety of what you do - it's just such an unusual mix and you forget about the cameras after a while. You're so wrapped up in it.'

Business Analyst David Lee from Canterbury on playing the harlequin game

'Being such a unique experience, it’s extremely hard to describe to my friends what it was and what happened – all I keep saying is ‘you’ve got to do it!'

Patrick Wyatt, Jeweller, Hatton Garden, London on playing the harlequin game

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