if we can, we will...

'Hello – and thank you for visiting the harlequin game website. We know that our new entertainment concept is a unique offer and our aim is to very simply make it second to none.

'As you will have read already, every harlequin game is individually built around you, or the person or people you are buying for. I can say wholeheartedly that we are proud to honour our company pledge that ‘if we can, we will.’

'We have an internationally experienced team and all the people who are involved with the harlequin game have been chosen carefully for their ‘can do’ attitude, their people and organisational skills, tenacity and attention to detail. Above all we always aim to achieve top class customer satisfaction and service.

'You can expect all those qualities and our shared love of humour, creativity and lateral thinking to shine through in every harlequin game. My team and I look forward to your call.'

the harlequin game creator Alan Rook




the red and the black will play.mp3

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