harlequin diamond

from £3,950 + VAT

Price based on one player over one month. See below for the diamond game's premium specifications and then visit our diamond plus page 

'The harlequin diamond is timeless... it offers a cut of unique brilliance... a highly polished performance... a quintessential experience that will add a unique depth of colour and clarity to your life...  You will remember it forever. You will remember it fondly...'

Premium specifications: a bespoke experience - an immersive game built around one player

Duration: one calendar month from 'game on'

Research: before 'game on' the harlequin team will surprise the player with first contact. He or she will then undergo our induction procedure - a face to face meeting with a game producer. Friends, family and colleagues may, with the player's permission, also be contacted in order to gather the further information needed to provide our full, premium, bespoke experience

Contact: after the research phase, unannounced delivery of the harlequin diamond calling card signals the game's beginning. Thereafter there will be a variety of daily contacts from the harlequin's agents 

The harlequin may also make contact with family, friends and colleagues, with the player's permission, while the diamond game is in play in order to enhance the game experience

Our standard diamond game includes eight unannounced actor-led 'harlequin interventions' throughout the month. Their nature will vary wildly and you will not always realise they are part of the game. Be aware too that they will happen often ...  at unlikely times

Tests and trials: regular and unannounced. Four are included in the standard cost

Filming, audio and photography: both covert and announced filming and sound recording surveillance throughout the month

The Harlequin Feast: around month's end a party at a surprise venue and at a surprise time (standard cost based on 15 guests, but bigger celebrations can readily be organised). The feast will feature a presentation screening of the player's harlequin diamond video. This is a specially scripted, professionally voiced and edited chronicle of the player's month of the diamond game. It will feature  harlequin moments known (or already guessed) by him or her - and some unknown too. On camera reaction and tributes from family, friends, colleagues and our own team will also feature - as will a personalised message from the harlequin

Complimentary merchandise: A presentation DVD souvenir, the final edit of the harlequin diamond movie, telling the player's harlequin diamond story (this will be updated to reflect the Harlequin Feast event)

A framed photograph of the player, usually taken covertly, at a special moment during their harlequin diamond month. A harlequin game T-shirt, harlequin game screensavers  and an exclusive harlequin diamond lapel badge - strictly only available to those who've completed the harlequin diamond game.

Also complimentary - car stickers and screensavers for all your party guests.

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