harlequin corporate 

                                        from £6,400 + VAT

Price based on an 'away day' for a group of 20 players at £320 per head. See below for the corporate game's standard specifications. Learn more on our corporate plus page

Standard specifications: these events can incorporate elements from any of our games, as explained on the other play pages in this website. We additionally offer specialist harlequin corporate modules that involve our actors and consultants as we focus on:

  • leadership
  • building creative teams
  • initiative tests
  • collaborative working
  • media training
  • reputation management 
  • exploiting social media  
  • external and internal communications

Our standard harlequin corporate price assumes one team-building day running from 10am to 5pm with group trials and tests, including two of the business modules listed above. Other business modules can be added as our producers design your experience. There's also a harlequin themed, catered lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the day. 

Visit our corporate plus page now to find out more about the team behind harlequin corporateTo design your team's event and choose the elements of the harlequin game that suit your agenda and your budget - over a single day, or longer, please book a free consultation.

Visit the harlequin game page and use the links to learn more detail about the harlequin game.


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