harlequin celebrations

We are specialists in stag and hen events, birthdays, anniversaries, leaving parties, reunions and retirement celebrations.
Please contact our producers to discuss how our range of harlequin games can be adapted to build your own bespoke celebration and film, whatever the occasion.
Whether it's for a few days, or just one special party, our celebration services include actors, a hosted Harlequin Feast and video production.
We will tailor our event film-making and pre-filming to provide the perfect video for your occasion.
If you're the Best Man or the Maid of Honour, then we'll use your group's stag or hen harlequin game experience to make a film that'll provide a unique wedding gift.
We'll help you produce an entertaining segment on video for use during the wedding speeches too - with extra filming featuring family and friends. We cater to all budgets and prices are available on application.

Find out more about what the harlequin can do for you on our celebrations plus page.

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