harlequin black

                                  from £5,790 + VAT

Price based on 10 players at £579 per head. See below for the black game's standard specifications

Standard specifications: a three night stay - with a three day harlequin game. harlequin black provides all of the elements that are included in the harlequin white and harlequin red games, including The Harlequin Feast


Accommodation: three nights in a luxury character property. We use locations UK-wide. Harlequin catering provided throughout your stay. Options to be discussed on booking

An extra day of play: the harlequin black game continues from arrival on day one all the way through until the end of day three's Harlequin Feast

Additional meals: extra breakfast on day three, lunch on day three, dinner on day three and breakfast on day four

Bistro catering: a three course restaurant dinner for your group on day one, a three course gastro pub meal on the evening of day two and our themed, professionally catered three course Harlequin Feast is moved to day three 

Enhanced menu: premium meals for the three restaurant, gastro pub and catered evenings

Additional drinks: champagne on arrival and with day three's Harlequin Feast

Additional research: soon after your harlequin black game is booked the harlequin team will surprise your players well in advance of their adventure with 'first contact'. As with harlequin white and harlequin red players, our harlequin black players will then undergo our induction procedure - answering questionnaires. The harlequin black game, though, comes with the option of including friends, family and colleagues who may, with the player's permission, be contacted in order to gather the information needed to provide our full, premium, bespoke experience

Additional entertainment: with a range of choices, including a musician, a dancer or a magician on day one, as well as during day two. These and many other options can be discussed upon booking

Complimentary harlequin black movie DVD: in the harlequin black game we provide multiple versions of your souvenir edit - each with a professional voice over specially scripted to be personalised. Each of the films your players receive is tailored to tell their own individual harlequin game story, as well as featuring highlights from across the group's harlequin black game

Complimentary harlequin merchandise: including (for each player) a framed photograph of your group, a harlequin game T-shirt, harlequin game screensavers, two car stickers and an exclusive harlequin black lapel badge - strictly only available to those who complete the harlequin black game

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Specific catering requirements are agreed in planning and players may provide additional alcohol at the accommodation without corkage charges

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