diamonds are forever

As you will have read, the harlequin diamond is our premium, immersive experience. It is a game on a grand and absorbing scale. A game which sees the harlequin and our agents infiltrate the player's 'normal' daily life - often at unlikely times.

Sign a friend, relative or colleague to the diamond game and the harlequin will be part of their life for an entire month.

After a harlequin induction process, the live game is triggered by the delivery of the harlequin diamond calling card and then daily contacts from the harlequin's team.

The player will wake every morning, until month's end, not knowing if and when that day will include tests, challenges and curious encounters - courtesy of the harlequin...

A score will be kept and our cameras and microphones will, sometimes obviously and sometimes covertly, record key events.

The Harlequin Feast

At 'game over' the player's conduct and performance is reviewed and judged.

A video memento, an audio visual chronicle of what has been, will then be played at The Harlequin Feast - held in the player's honour.

This is our diamond party. An occasion where gift-givers, co-conspirators, family, friends and colleagues can gather to enjoy the full glorious story of the month of the diamond game.

It is an occasion designed to your precise specifications. It is an occasion at which the harlequin will appear...

Next steps...

Every diamond game is a bespoke experience. We collaborate with a conspirator, or conspirators, close to the player in order to tailor that player's month with the harlequin to fit around immovable engagements, as well as important domestic and work routine.

We're all about the element of surprise - not about wrecking your career or relationship...

Our research and inside knowledge fuels the fun, enabling us to test and to tease - with the player's likes and dislikes; with their personality, strengths and weaknesses considered at the very heart of our production.

The diamond game is tailored too to match the gift-givers' budget. Arrange a free consultation meeting with our producers, to design and budget for your premium, bespoke diamond experience.

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