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'Hello and thank you for taking the time to find out more about harlequin corporate.
'There's some detail about my personal history in training and also links that'll help you find out more about the harlequin game's training partners at the bottom of this page. We offer deep industry experience and a broad skills base from which to build a bespoke and credible team-building event.
'Because our team have all worked in similar positions, we know only too well that senior managers are often time poor.That's where we can help.
'In a free consultation we build a harlequin event that is truly bespoke. We collaborate with your managers in order to target key individuals in advance of their experience.
'We do that in the weeks before with questionnaires and with the mysterious harlequin contacts that we use in our other games. It's extra fun. We've found the anticipation that builds adds a lot to the power of the event itself.
'Once gathered at our rendezvous point the harlequin corporate experience begins. We use TV and theatre production techniques with our actors, cameras and producers making your staff the stars of their own team-building story.
'No two events are the same and they'll be parachuted into situations they couldn't possibly predict. It's a long way from chairs in a circle, flip charts and break-out groups. It's dynamic, it's fun and it's challenging.
'Our consultants have a wealth of staff development experience across commercial, public and charity sector organisations.

 harlequin creator Alan Rook 


'That broad industry knowledge and our film-making skills mean that we can incorporate valuable, authoritative elements, such as practical media training and building creative teams.There are a number of specialist business modules to choose from that sit alongside our range of actor-led initiative tests and harlequin trials.
'The final video that we produce is a fun souvenir, but it also has real operational value and boosts the morale-building potential of our events.
'In all of that, our trainers, our harlequin actors, our puzzles, our trials and technical know-how offer something genuinely distinct, something genuinely fresh. This is a team event where all is never quite as it seems.
'We believe with harlequin corporate we have created a truly original and inspirational team experience.'

'it's a long way from chairs in a circle, flip charts and break-out groups. It's dynamic, it's fun and it's challenging'

Alan Rook is the Creative Director behind the concept of the harlequin game. He's worked as a lead training consultant for companies in the UK, South Africa and in the Middle East. In 2011 he was appointed Chief Executive of the broadcast training body The Local Television Academy. He is also a broadcast examiner for the National Council for the Training of Journalists and Managing Director of the training and production company BlackRook Media. Prior to his work with the Academy and BlackRook, Alan was a trainer, visiting university lecturer and mentor for more than 15 years while working with ITV - a graduate of that network's leadership training programme.
the harlequin game's other training partners include 
Exclusive TV with BAFTA winning television executive Ian Rumsey, a former editor of ITV's News at Ten and Daybreak. We also work with visual creative design and public relations executive Jon Parker at thorent, plus Turning World, Southside and the Black Hole Academy of Acting.


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