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With a background in management development schemes at some of the UK's biggest media, charity and public service organisations, as well as hands-on training experience with media companies in Africa and the Middle East, our directors and consultants are well placed to partner with your company to devise a bespoke experience of real value.

As a test of leadership, of wit, of initiative and of working as a team, harlequin corporate is a challenging and entertaining offer.

Our blend of broadcast and theatre skills harness the talents of creative people - trainers, actors, producers and technicians.

We challenge, we surprise, we entertain - we educate.

We take team-building outside of the classroom and off the assault course.

Your staff will be the stars of their own story - captured on camera.

We believe we've created a unique and inspirational team-building experience.

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Our survey says...

The current revival in team-building away days is hardly surprising. Email, voicemail, mobile messaging and teleconferencing have reduced the need for face-to-face meetings.

Technology and geography create virtual teams that may never physically meet. As a result, organisations have to work harder to maintain good working relationships and team spirit among their employees.

A recent study found that almost 80 per cent of UK organisations regularly spend money on team-building away days and weekends. That's because they work.

The amount of performance improvement that is possible from switched-on teams is not small; it is enormous.

At harlequin corporate our aim is to achieve just that. We deliver great results with ideas that stand out from the crowd.

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