red will play black

The harlequin's agents will collect you from the rendezvous point. We'll then see you, eventually, to your destination. A warm bed, good food and drink will be yours throughout your time with us.

You can find out more about our white, red and black options on the playing and paying pages and learn there too about our flagship, premium harlequin diamond package.

All of our games require our players to pass tests, to meet challenges, to negotiate encounters with actors who may not always be people obviously role playing.

You will be set amidst unfamiliar surroundings, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone, you will be racing against the clock, you will need to play a part, you will most definitely be made to laugh... and to think.

You will not - ever - know what is coming next! And through all of that - the harlequin (and our cameras) will be watching you. Whatever else all of this is, it is certainly a game.

And games have winners - and losers.

All of our players will be judged.

Judged by the harlequin.

Judged by each other.

Tested as individuals.

Challenged in teams.

And in the harlequin game, red will play black.

Learn how to immortalise your experience...


Can you follow instructions? Can you give of yourself? Can you tell truth from lies?

Can you decipher clues and find answers? Can you beat the clock? Can you judge character?

Can you remember what you need to? Can you spot an imposter? Can you remain calm?

Can you act the part? Can you lead? Can you follow?

the red and the black will play.mp3

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