time to play...

Be the star of your own real life adventure - captured on camera.

the harlequin game is a brand new entertainment that brings together experts in TV and theatre as never before.

Our producers will create your bespoke experience and then - for an entire month, a weekend, perhaps a single day, you'll be signed up to the unknown...

Wherever you are, our actors will infiltrate your 'normal' life. Sometimes you'll know they're the harlequin's agents - sometimes you won't...

In the street during an 'ordinary' working day? At one of our venues on a mysterious break away?

Expect curious, exciting encounters that'll make you think - as you are immersed in your own real life action film. They'll make you laugh - just like the best TV prank shows. And the actors are only half of the story.

Our single player and team games are also packed with challenges and trials. Initiative tests, problem solving - a race against the clock.

All of it, uniquely, designed around our knowledge of you - the player, or players. Your likes, your dislikes, your passions and your fantasies.

Every game is bespoke.


James Moir, CEO of Sainsbury's marketing company i2C, sent 80 of his staff into The Harlequin Game. This is his verdict:

"The Harlequin Game was fantastic. It's fresh and it's different. We were a very large group and the mystery and anticipation have been a big part of it. It set a real buzz going around our organisation and they delivered. 
"The actors, the journey, the element of competition and of not knowing what's going to happen next. Terrific fun and a lot of smiling faces. We've been delighted." 

Every game is recorded by our cameras and microphones.

You won't - ever - know what's coming next! 

And at the end of it all... you're the star of your own amazing movie. 

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